Demolished Houses of Strathfield

Over time, many buildings have been demolished.

Many were built during the ‘boom’ times of the 1880s and early 1890s but with the onset of economic depression and later wars and deaths of original owners, some houses were unwanted and the land beneath them was more valuable for subdivision.  Some were located in the Strathfield Town Centre, such as ‘Silwood’ and were compulsory acquired by the State Government for expansion of the railway.

Many still exist, mainly as institutions such as schools, however some of the great mansions have gone but some photographs are still in existance.


‘Silwood’, formerly The Boulevarde Strathfield.  Home of Randolph Nott.

‘Milroy’, formerly Albert Road Strathfield.  Home of George Todman.

‘Malvern’, formerly The Boulevarde Strathfield.  Home of Thomas J. Thompson.

‘Strathfield House’, formerly Strathfield Avenue, Strathfield.  Former home of Walter Renny, John Hardy and Joseph Vickery.

‘Tiptree’, formerly Llandilo Avenue, Strathfield. Former home of Rev. Charles and Elizabeth (Vickery) Newman.

‘Elwood House’, formerly Albert Road, Strathfield.  Home of Wilheim Von Der Heyde.

‘Bickley’, Albyn Road, Strathfield.

“Ovalau” and “Andross”, formerly Albert Road Strathfield.

‘Swanton’ Victoria Street Strathfield.  Formerly home of grazier Stanley Vickery.

 Substantially altered

‘Agincourt’, Albert Road Strathfield.  Former home of Washington H. Soul.

Still standing

‘Mount Royal’, (now Edmund Rice Building), Albert Road Australian Catholic University.

‘Tuxedo’ Albert Road Strathfield.

‘Brunyarra’, Santa Maria Del Monte (Santa Sabina College), The Boulevarde Strathfield

‘Lauriston’, Santa Maria Del Monte (Santa Sabina College), The Boulevarde Strathfield

‘Llandillo’, Trinity Grammar Preparatory School, The Boulevarde Strathfield.

‘Virginia’, Redmyre Road, Strathfield.

‘Woodstock’, 88 Redmyre Road, Strathfield.

‘Rothesay’, 72-76 Abbotsford Road, Homebush.

‘Halsbury’ 12-14 Albyn Road, Strathfield

‘Glenfarne’ Albert Road Strathfield


  1. The only reference to my Grandfathers house “Strathfield”, Strathfield Av, Strathfield that I can find on your very good site is its listing as a demolished house. If you are interested, I can loan for copying the photo album my Grandparents had made when they moved into the house in 19010. It contains a number of exterior and interior views. There is a similar album produced for “Tiptree” by Bessy Newman, Grandfathers sister. I would have to ask permission from my cousins if you wanted to copy parts of it.
    I would not trust it to the post but could bring it down when I visit from Tamworth.
    John Vickery


    1. John

      Thanks for your comments about the website. The site contained information on the house “Strathfield” but it was on a page about the origin of the name of the suburb. I have drafted a new page on Strathfield House and included it in pages on houses of Strathfield.

      Any donations or copies (including digital scans) of photographs relating to the history of Strathfield are always appreciated.



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