‘Cooinda’ 87 Abbotsford Road Homebush

By Cathy Jones

‘Cooinda’ 87 Abbotsford Rd Homebush is a single storey brick Interwar California Bungalow constructed in dark face brick, with a hipped and gabled unglazed terracotta tile roof.

The house is located on land that once made up the rear grounds of the house ‘Marlborough’ 96 Abbotsford Road, then owned by Henry Uther.  After the sale of the land, the three houses at 85, 87 and 87 Abbotsford were built between 1923 and 1926.

‘Cooinda’ 87 Abbotsford Road was built in 1923 for its owner Oliver Cranston Milling, a company manager.  A building application was approved in September 1923 to construct a brick dwelling with tiled roof with more than six rooms.  The builder was A E Gazzard, of Abbotsford Road Homebush.  The estimated value of works was £1200.

Milling sold ‘Cooinda’ to Walter Charlesworth Fisher, merchant, in 1924. In 1946, after the death of Fisher,  the property transferred to Miss Dorothy Fisher


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