‘Silwood’ formerly The Boulevarde

'Silwood' formerly The Boulevarde Strathfield.
‘Silwood’ formerly The Boulevarde Strathfield.

By Cathy Jones

‘Silwood’ was built in 1878 on The Boulevarde Strathfield.  The house was owned by Randolph Nott, an architect, financier and politician.  The site was resumed by the Department of Railways in 1909 and ‘Silwood’ was demolished for alterations to Strathfield Rail Station in the late 1920s. ‘Silwood’ stood on the land which is partly occupied by Strathfield Rail Station and Strathfield Square.

A palm from the garden of this home once stood in the centre of Strathfield Square, it was subsequently moved to Airey Park Homebush in the late 1980s when Strathfield Square was redeveloped.


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