10 Abbotsford Road Homebush

By Cathy Jones

Abbotsford Road is built on the ‘Village of Homebush’ Estate, a 1878 subdivision of the Underwood Estate.  8 and 10 Abbotsford Road are built on the site of the former house ‘Cambria’.  ‘Cambria’ was built on Lots 15 and 16, Section 4 of the ‘Village of Homebush’ subdivision.

10 Abbotsford Road is built on Lot B, which is a subdivision of land formerly occupied by the house ‘Cambria’.  In 1941, Lot B was sold to John James Bowie, an engineer for £700. Bowie made an application to Strathfield Council to build a brick dwelling of seven rooms at estimated cost of £2000 on 1 November 1941.  The builder of the house was A B Whitehouse, 21 Second Ave, Earlwood. Bowie lived at this house, then known as 4B Abbotsford Road with his wife Mary.

By 1945, the house was sold to Barrie Krimmer, a Company Secretary and his wife Heather.  Krimmer occupied the house until 1959, when it was sold to Daniel Stephen Shanahan (1873-1977), and wife Mary Marcelene Shanahan (née Mulheron) (1893-1984) for £9000 pounds.  Daniel Shanahan was retired but previously worked as an agent. The house appears to have been rented until the early 1970s when they moved into the house.  The Shanahan’s remained the occupants of this house until at least the death of Daniel Shanahan in 1977 and Mary Shanahan in 1984.


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