Charles Capper

IMG_0066Charles Capper

Mayor of Strathfield [1911-12] & Alderman [1907-1914]

Charles Cadell Capper served on Strathfield Council as an Alderman from February 1907 to January 1914 and was elected Mayor in 1911 and 1912.

He served as Mayor in 1911 and 1912. Capper was a stock agent and represented the Homebush Ward [Wards were abolished in 1916 in Strathfield Municipality]. He lived at ‘Lillawah’ in Burlington Rd and later at ‘Glen Mavis’ in Abbotsford Rd before moving to Chatswood.  He died in 1952.


Strathfield Council meeting minutes

Funeral Notice Charles Cadell Capper, Sydney Morning Herald, 12 December 1952

The Sydney Mail, May 17 1911

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