Village of Homebush Streets - Map 1926

Victoria Street Strathfield

Victoria St Strathfield is named after Queen Victoria (1819-1901). Victoria St came into existence as a public road in 1914.

Past residents of Victoria Street

  • Frederick Searle, of Searle’s Florists, built and lived at ‘Belclutha’ (2 Victoria St)
    Ernest Arthur Laurence, solicitor, Strathfield Council Alderman (1915-20) and Mayor (1917-18) built ‘Bellevue’ (8-10 Victoria St) c.1914 and occupied (c.1914-1935)
  • Alfred Heine, a noted Engineer lived at ‘Bellevue’ (c.1935-mid-1950’s). The Department of Child Welfare acquired ‘Bellevue’ in late 1950’s as a child orphanage and renamed house ‘Win Bin’. The property reverted to private ownership in mid-1980’s. Alfred Heine sub-divided ‘Bellevue’ and built a home at no. 6 Victoria St in the mid-1950’s and later lived at 6 Victoria St after selling ‘Bellevue’.
  • Ernest Trigg, head of Meadowbank Manufacturing Company [rolling stock
    constructors], lived at ‘Cheppen’ (now demolished).
  • Stanley Vickery, Prominent Grazier and Stockbreeder built ‘Swanton’ to a design by prominent architect Harry Chambers Kent c.1914 (now demolished).
  • John Robert Firth, long serving Alderman and Mayor of Strathfield (1916, 1928-32) lived at ‘Girraween’ (sometimes called ‘Holmfirth’) from 1934 to his death. This property has been demolished.
  • The houses ‘Cheppen’, ‘Girraween’ and ‘Swanton’ were demolished and the cul-de-sac Summit Place was created in their place in early 1970’s.

Historic Properties

Bellevue’ 8-10 Victoria Street Strathfield