Coronation Parade

Coronation Parade Strathfield South is the boundary between the Strathfield and Burwood Municipalities.  The street runs from Liverpool Road at north to Punchbowl Road at its southern end.  The boundary represents historical alignment based on land grants such as James Wilshire’s 1808 grant ‘Wilshire’s Farm’ (later the Redmire Estate, located in the Strathfield Local Government Area) and William Faithful’s 1810 grant ‘Faithful’s Farm’ (located in the Burwood Municipality).

Coronation Parade was once two parallel streets known as Punchbowl Rd and The Boulevarde (sometimes called Redmyre Boulevarde).  In 1937, with the opening of the Coronation Arch to commemorate the Coronation of King George VI, the twin roadways were renamed Coronation Parade.  During this time, the Reserve was also renovated and upgraded into a park.

Coronation Parade was also the location of the Enfield to Mortlake/Cabarita tram system, which ran on the eastern side of the Reserve and terminated at Tangarra St Enfield.  

Historical interest

Former Enfield Council Chambers

Coronation Arch and Reserve

St Thomas Anglican Church and Cemetery 

101 Coronation Parade


  1. Cathy your post on Coranation Parade reminded me of Broughs 4-Square Store that existed from 1960s on that street. 4-Square was a buying group that helped smaller grocery stores embrace self-service as supermarkets started to take hold. The brand name and clever logo still exists in country towns in New Zealand but in Australia it was phased out and became known as the “Friendly Grocer”. At the time my family lived in the doctor’s residence on the corner of Noble and Amaroo Avenues in Strathfield and later at 2 Wallis Avenue Strathfield. Enfield was close by and my mother shopped for her family of 7 with Mr and Mrs Brough. Later as a valued customer she would ring her order through and Mr Brough would deliver it to the house. I suspect she gave up shopping in Enfield in 1971 when she went into business on the North Shore. The store was either at 56 Coranation Parade, where Enfield Produce now is, or at 90 CoronationParade Enfield. As the latter is a double fronted shop on the main road, with a 1920s house behind it, I suspect that is where it was. Is that part of Enfield covered by your records and are you able to tell me anything about the Broughs. Maybe one of your readers remembers the store. Broughs 4-Square Store was the equivalent of Gillis family grocery store in the 1960s American sitcom “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis” … or so it seemed to a little boy in the suburbs of Sydney.


  2. Scott

    I remember a few Four Square stores and think there was a sign on a shop on Coronation Parade for many years after it stopped trading. There was also one on Liverpool Road Strathfield South shops. My mother may remember as her parents ran a business on Coronation Parade, near the corner of Tangarra Street.



    1. Cathy
      Kasia from Burwood Library tells me that the Broughs 4-Square Store was at 30 Coronation Parade, Enfield. That site has been redeveloped and is no longer low rise so there is no evidence of the former store. Apparently it was still there until the early 1970s. Burwood Valuation Books show that it was owned by Monave Pty Ltd. Trove newspapers show that a gentleman by the name of Brough was a champion swimmer in the early 1940s and swam at the fabulous Rudder and Grout Olympic Swimming Pool at Henley Park. Maybe that swimmer went on to be Mr Brough of the grocery fame.


      1. Scott. I thought it was further down Coronation Parade. 30 Coronation Parade is near the old Salvation Army building, opposite the old Council Chambers. I think it still there but occupied by another religious group. There are a few shops along Coronation Parade on the eastern side. Don’t know about Brough. Cathy


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