Homebush War Memorial

Homebush War Memorial opening ceremony
Homebush War Memorial opening ceremony

By Cathy Jones

The Homebush War Memorial is located in Davey Square Memorial, a small reserve at the intersection of Rochester St and Beresford Road Strathfield.  The memorial was dedicated to commemorate active service in World War 1 by citizens of the former Homebush Council area.

The photograph is from the opening of the Memorial, which was originally dedicated after World War I by the Homebush Patriotic Association.  Ownership of the monument was transferred to Homebush Council in 1921.  Subsequent wars such as World War II, Korea and Vietnam have been recorded on plaques attached to this memorial.  However, the only conflict where individuals are listed is WWI.

The Memorial is a sandstone monument consisting of a pedestal with a tapering cylinder and orb at the top. The pedestal is made up of two tapering blocks, one placed on top of the other. Each face of the block has marble plaques with black painted lettering. The top block has a bevelled cornice and supports the tapering column on which two crossed rifles have been carved. The orb is attached to the column by a small curved pedestal with two carved rings directly under the orb. The monument is set on a pebblecrete base which is surrounded by grass.  Flag poles are located behind the monument facing Beresford Road.

Relocation of the Memorial

The Memorial was originally situated on the corner of Parramatta and Wentworth Roads Homebush.  It was relocated in November 1978 to Rochester Street (Davey Square) by Strathfield Council at the request of the Homebush-Strathfield Sub-Branch of the Returned Services League.  The site is heritage listed by Strathfield Council.

A plaque on the memorial states:

This memorial formally situated on the corner of Parramatta and Wentworth Roads Homebush was relocated on this site by the Council of the Municipality of Strathfield at the request of the Homebush-Strathfield Sub-Branch of the Returned Services League and was dedicated on Saturday 11th November 1978′

World War 1 (1914-1918)

Plaques for the local residents who served in World War 1 are inscribed on plaques on the memorial.

Plaque 1

In Memoriam: L. Smith, E. Roby, J.P. Rider, J. Farlow, R. Law, R. Hardie, D. Bell, A.R. Abbott and A. Davison

Plaque 2

W. Carroll, W. Leet, W. Kolster, L.R. Stewart, H. Haynes, B. Golby, R.E. Molony, D.J. Hartwell, J. McMahon, R.G. Stone, A. Davidson, J.E.C. McKinnon, P.A. Stone, T.Bradshaw, W.H. Roberts, T. Sadler, C. Lowe, J.E. Pinson, G. Dalton, R. Law, J.A. Doutty, E. Smith, R. Sheedy, E. Morphet, L. Smith, H. Chandler, S. Churchhill, M. Mills, C. Church, J. McKinley, H. Leet, H. Church, M.R. Jenkinson, W. Cook, B. Wright, E. Deegan, G. Wagner, G. Elms, B.T. Smith, V. Brown, J. Twomey, R. Hardie, G. Harris, R. Beasley, P. Rider, A.W. Elms, D. Bell, F.B. Sly, W. Cansdell, S. Rider, G. Lever, A. Dalton, J. Wotten and A.V. Bressington.

Plaque 3

W.F. Herrick, J.A.Hickson, J.W. Farlow, J. Baron, H.F. Farlow, E. Roby, A.C. Abbott, J.F. Maloney, A. Dolsen, P.C. Fretten, F. Dolsen, V.H. Vagg,  T.M. Price, A.S. Stefanson, J. C. Price, A.J. Cooil, P.T. Price, W.P. Burrell, A. Templeton, J.W. Hatfield, R.T. Millett, L. Jelbert, A.R. Abbott, A.J. Slattery and W.A. Phillips.


A War Memorial at Homebush. (1918, August 28). Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 – 1938), p. 29. Retrieved February 10, 2019, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article160627389

© Cathy Jones 2005 (revised 2020). This article is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the author.


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