101 Coronation Parade Strathfield South. Photo Cathy Jones 2023

101 Coronation Parade Strathfield South

By Cathy Jones (2023)

101 Coronation Parade Strathfield South is located on the corner of Dean Street.  The house is a single storey Federation face brick house with a symmetrical façade and front verandah with timber posts.  The roof is slate with rendered chimneys.

101 Coronation Parade is built on part of Lot 70 of the 1867 subdivision of the Redmire Estate (Deposited Plan 35). Around 1912, part of Lot 70 was subdivided into five lots facing Coronation Parade and offered for sale as the ‘Foy Estate’.  101 Coronation Parade is Corner Lot 1 of the Foy land.

The house is located on Coronation Parade, which has historically been known by several street names including Punchbowl Road and The Boulevarde.  The street was renamed Coronation Parade in 1937.  References to the name of this roadway varies on different records.

Lot 70 Deposited Plan 35 NSW Land Registry Services
Lot 70 Deposited Plan 35 NSW Land Registry Services

William Edwin Patino acquired land around 1912-1913 and by 1914, a house was constructed[1]. The house first appears in the 1915 Sands Sydney Directory as ‘William Patino, Punchbowl Road West (cnr Dean Street)’[2]. Patino is also noted in the 1914 Electoral Roll at this address[3]. The house does not have a house name and was originally known as 123 The Boulevarde Enfield.

Until 1949, the house was located in the west ward of the Municipality of Enfield, which was then merged with Strathfield Council.  The house was formerly located in the suburb of Enfield, but is now located in Strathfield South. In 1957, Strathfield Council renumbered Coronation Parade and the house number was changed from 123 to 101 Coronation Parade.

 In 1931, land measuring 22 x 65 feet was acquired by Sydney County Council to construct an electrical sub-station.  The land was excised from the rear of 101 Coronation Parade and is known as 2 Dean Street Strathfield South.

Electrical Substation 2 Dean Street. Photo Cathy Jones 2023.
Electrical Substation 2 Dean Street. Photo Cathy Jones 2023.

The first owner of this house was William Edwin Patino (1879-1967).  Patino resided at this house with his wife Agnes Sophia Patino (née Thomson) (d.1983) from c.1914 until his death in 1967, thereafter ownership was transmitted to his wife, Agnes Patino. The Patinos had two children, Alma and Jean. Agnes Patino is still listed as living with her daughter Alma at 101 Coronation Parade in the 1980 Electoral roll[4]. She died in 1983.

Patino was the son of William Leander John Patino (d.1928) and Emma Patino (née Hughes) (d.1928) who married in 1878. Patino’s occupation was a plasterer and the family lived in Ashfield.  Their son, William Edwin Patino trained as a plumber.  He was first appointed to the NSW Department of Public Instruction in 1899, where he was continuously employed until his retirement in 1941[5].  In 1912, he was listed on NSW Public Service Lists as College Plumber and Assistant Teacher of Plumbing and teacher of Elementary Plumbing at Hurlstone[6].  In 1929, he was appointed to Teacher of Sheet Metal Working (Educational Division), Technical Education Branch[7].  He retired in 1941 as Teacher of Sheet Metal Working[8].

101 Coronation Parade was identified as an heritage item in the Strathfield Heritage Study 1986 by consultants Fox & Associates.  It was first gazetted as a heritage item of local significance in 1992.


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