‘Koorianda’ 5-7 Broughton Rd Homebush

By Cathy Jones

‘Koorianda’ 5-7 Broughton Road Homebush and was built in 1916 for Mabel and George Davey, the principal of flour millers Edwin Davey & Sons and one of key figures in the development of the flour industry in Australia. Davey lived at ‘Koorianda’ until his death in 1954 at age 80 years.

Mabel Eloise Annie Davey, wife of George Arthur Davey, purchased land from James Gregg in May 1915. The land purchased by the Davey’s included part Lot 13 and Lots 14-18 of DP 6382. The land was sold with a covenant requiring that “the walls of any building at any time erected on the said lot shall so far as regards the main or principal dwelling house or residence be constructed of stone or brick or stone and brick with slate tile or other approved roof. And that no main building on the lot shall be occupied or used otherwise than as a private dwelling house only”.

Construction of the house was approved by Strathfield Council in September 1916 to build a brick residence of more than nine rooms with a slate roof.  The estimated value of the construction was £1900. The builders were Whitfield and Grove, Hillcrest Ave, Hurstville.

George Davey is an important figure in Strathfield’s history as Mayor of Strathfield (1926-7) and a long serving Alderman (1922-1948). Davey’s period covered the Depression and World War 11 as well as rapid expansion in population and residential development in Strathfield. Davey advocated extensions of street planting schemes, acquisition of land for public parks and planting of trees and shrubs in parks, gardens and reserves.   When the Strathfield Railway Station was extended in the 1920’s, Davey insisted on acquiring additional land on the southern side of the Station to create a public space, which is now Strathfield Town Centre.  Davey Square and Davey Square Memorial are named for him.

Davey’s daughter, Phyllis, married Nigel Borland Love, a prominent early aviator and flour miller, who established N B Love Industries at Strathfield South. The Love family, resided at ‘Montesca’, 33-35 Beresford Rd, which once shared it’s western boundary with ‘Koorianda’.  Edwin Davey & Sons and N B Love Industries are now part of George Weston Foods  (which operates as Mauri) which is located at Braidwood St Strathfield South.

In 1943, title was transferred by transmission to George Davey following the death of his wife Mabel.  Following Davey’s death in 1954, title was transferred [by transmission] to his daughters, Phyllis Eloise Love and Dorothy Mabel Arthur, both of Strathfield. The property was sold to John Gilbert Taylor, a contractor of Strathfield in July 1955. During his short occupancy of this property, the grounds were subdivided and lots sold, which became the homes at 1 and 3 Broughton Rd.

In July 1956, the property was transferred to Grant Lewis Miles and Mary Joyce Miles. Grant Miles is described as a research chemist on the land title. This property is later owned by Dr Brian O’Neill, medical practioner and his wife, Trudi. Trudi O’Neill was once the secretary of the Strathfield District Historical Society.


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The photograph of ‘Koorianda’ was provided by John Love, a descendent of George Davey.

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