‘Telerah’ 72 Redmyre Road Strathfield

by Cathy Jones

Land lots between Homebush Road and Chalmers Road on the south side was created by the subdivision c.1880 of the Bushy Hill Estate.  The first properties developed were located between Florence Street and Chalmers Road in the 1880s.  The section between Homebush Road and Florence did not develop until the early 1900s.

‘Telarah’ was constructed in 1907 by John Lyon Gardiner, a local builder.  Until it was sold c.1915, Gardiner rented the house on a frequent basis. Gardiner placed the following ads in the Sydney Morning Herald in 1910 and 1912 advertising ‘Telerah’ to let or sale.

“Sydney Morning Herald 8 November 1910.  “STRATHFIELD. To Let or for Sale, splendid Cottage   Villa, large rooms, kitchen, every convenience, high corner position. Inspect. Telarah, Redmyre road, opp. Council-chambers. J. L. Gardiner. Builder (within)”.

“Sydney Morning Herald 10 April 1912 STRATHFIELD. – To LET, a splendid almost new Cottage Villa, 7 large rooms, 12 ft ceilings, well fitted up, kitchen, and all office. Inspect. Telarah. Redmyre road opposite Council chambers. Mrs Gardiner (within)”

About 1915, the house was purchased by Mrs Frances Eastgate Cookson (1857-1926).  Cookson and her husband Christopher (1838-1922) lived in the house until c.1918. According to Sands Directory, the house was leased to various tenants. Mrs Cookson died in 1926, however sale of the house was not finalised until October 1935, with the sale by the executor, Reginald Cookson – a Police Magistrate, to Patrick Aloysius Collins, an insurance official for £1350.  Collins renamed the house ‘Montreal’.

In April 1962 the house was sold by Kathleen Collins to Noel Yeomans, supervisor, and Alison Yeomans, for £7750.


Sydney Morning Herald 8 November 1910

Sydney Morning Herald 10 April 1912

Strathfield Council Valuation Lists 1906-1907

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