Strathfield Answers the Call: WWI exhibition

Strathfield Answers the Call 1914-1918 was held from April to June 2021 at Strathfield Library.  The exhibition explored how the people of Strathfield and Homebush participated in the events of WWI on the battlefront and at home.  The exhibition was presented by the Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society and Strathfield Council.

This exhibition shared the stories from the Strathfield and Homebush district in supporting a war fought far from home and the sacrifices of those who fought, the efforts of those at home and the issues that united and divided communities.

Talks were held on Saturday 1 May at 2pm– From Homebush to Hill 60: the letters of Roy Richards – by Jenny MacRitchie and on Saturday 29 May at 2pm – The War at Home: the impact of WWI on the Strathfield district – by Cathy Jones

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