John Curnow

Mayor of Strathfield 1925 & Alderman 1920-1925

John Curnow
John Curnow

John Curnow served as an Alderman on Strathfield Council from 1920 to 1925 and was elected Mayor for the year 1925.  He was a master blacksmith by occupation. Curnow lived in a house in Meredith St called ‘’Chylasson’ and later moved to 147 Albert Rd Strathfield naming this house ‘Chylasson’ also.

Curnow married Betsy, the daughter of John Johns, in 1891.  Curnow was an Alderman of Strathfield Council [c.1921 to 1933] and Mayor in 1925.  Betsy Curnow died in 1913 and there is an inscription in her honour at the Homebush Methodist Church.  In 1921, Curnow married her sister Edith, who died in 1943 at age of 58.

Curnow Street and Curnow Reserve were named for John Curnow. However, both the street and reserve have been renamed as Pemberton Rd and Mount Royal Reserve respectively.


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Strathfield Council meeting minutes

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  1. John Curnow was my great grandfather so it was great to read this and see that he hasn’t been forgotten.


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