‘Kurraba’ 14 Abbotsford Rd Homebush

By Cathy Jones

Abbotsford Road is built on the ‘Village of Homebush’ Estate, a 1878 subdivision of the Underwood Estate.  A further subdivision in 1912 marketed as the ‘Smith’s Estate’ (DP 6382) created Melrose St and residential lots on Abbotsford Rd (Lots 1-8), Melrose St (Lots 9-14, 23-28) and Broughton Rd (Lots 19-22).

The house ‘Kurraba’ 14 Abbotsford Road Homebush, a Federation style bungalow, is built on Lot 7 of the Smith’s Estate subdivision.  The house was built in 1912 for owner Edwin Robert Matthews, a gas inspector.  Construction of a brick cottage was approved at a meeting of Strathfield Council on April 16 1912.  The estimated value of the cottage was £600.  Following the death of Edwin Matthews, the house ownership transferred to his widow Anna in 1936. The house next transferred ownership in 1959 to Florence and Edwin Matthews after the death of Anna Matthews.  The house continued to owned by the Matthews family until at least the 1960s. 


Strathfield Council, Minutes of Council Meeting, April 16 1912

Department of the Valuer General NSW – Valuation List – Valuation District of Strathfield

Notices of Land Transfer under Local Government Act 1919 

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