Coventry Road Strathfield

By Cathy Jones

Coventry Rd is located on the Underwood Estate, which was subdivided in 1878 as the ‘Village of Homebush Estate’. Sub-division occurred prior to the incorporation of Strathfield Council in 1885 and no records exist to confirm the origin of names of streets in this estate, however many of the streets are named for locations in the United Kingdom.

Coventry Road was once located between Rochester St to Parramatta Rd, but the road has been shortened and now is located between Rochester Street and Dickson Street.  Other sections of Coventry Road have been renamed in parts such as Mackenzie Street and Smallwood Avenue.

Past residents

George Begg Vickery, merchant, lived at ‘Inveresk’ in Coventry Rd Strathfield. Vickery was the son of Hon. Ebenezer Vickery MLC and brother to Amy Vickery of ‘Lauriston’ and Joseph Vickery of ‘Strathfield’. George Begg Vickery was also an amateur microsopist and member of the Royal Society of New South Wales.

His daughter, Joyce Vickery [1908-1979], a renowned botantist and conservationist was born at ‘Inveresk’. ‘Inveresk’ was sub-divided c.1938 and residential housing created on the old grounds of ‘Inveresk’ in Dickson and Merley Rds. Inveresk Park was donated to Strathfield Council for park purposes by Vickery’s son, Ottamar, during this sub-division.