ALLEN, Albert – former Mayor of Strathfield, Postmaster Druitt Town

AKHURST, Daphne – tennis player

ARNOTT Family – biscuit manufacturers

BICKERTON, Louie – tennis player

BOYCE, William – former Mayor of Strathfield

BRUNTON, John – flour miller and race horse owner

CAPPER, Charles – former Mayor of Strathfield

CALVERLEY, Beresford – former Mayor of Strathfield

CURNOW, John – former Mayor of Strathfield

DAVEY, George – former Mayor of Strathfield, miller

DALTON, Thomas – former Mayor of Homebush

DICKSON, Thomas– former Mayor of Strathfield, solicitor

DUNLOP, William – former Mayor of Strathfield

DUTTON, Eve – former Mayor of Strathfield

EDWARDS, Clarrie – former Mayor of Strathfield

FORD, Ebenezer – former Mayor of Enfield Council

FORD, Harvey – former Mayor of Strathfield

GORMAN, Henry – real estate/auctioneer (firm ‘Hardie & Gorman’)

GREGG, Alexander Scott Walter (AWS) – principal of Richardson & Wrench estate agents

HARDIE, George – first Mayor of Strathfield, real estate and mining agent

HEYDE, Wilheim von der – second Mayor of Strathfield, tobacco merchant

HINCHCLIFFE, John – former Mayor of Strathfied, wood merchant

HOPMAN, Harry – tennis player/coach

LANCE, Charles Carey – businessman and Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioner

LOWNDES, Arthur George – Vice-Chairman of Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and Deputy Mayor of Strathfield

HUDSON, Colin – former Mayor of Strathfield

JONES, George Sydney – architect

LANCE, Sylvia – tennis player

LAURENCE, Ernest – former Mayor of Strathfield, solicitor

MARKS, Josephine – singer

MCKENZIE, Thomas – former Mayor of Strathfield, farmer, accountant and Member of NSW Legislative Assembly

NOTT, Randolph – architect, financier, politician

O’TOOLE, Laurel – former Mayor of Strathfield

PARSONS, Frederick – former Mayor of Strathfield, real estate agent

PRICE, John – former Mayor of Strathfield, merchant

SHORTLAND, Percy – former Mayor of Strathfield, District Court Judge

SLATYER, Charles – architect

SMITH, James – former Mayor of Strathfield

TODMAN, George – merchant

WALLIS, Frederick – former Mayor of Strathfield

WILSHIRE, James – tanner, early land grantee

ZIONS, Frank – former Mayor of Strathfield

One comment

  1. William Kelleher of Stanmore and later Strathfield was Kell and Rigby’s leading foreman carpenter for many years in the 50s and 60s. Kelleher met Kell, as his commanding officer in New Guinea in WW11. After the war, when jobs were short, Kell employed diligent loyal soldiers.


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