About Strathfield Heritage

Strathfield Heritage is the name of the site, but it isn’t an organisation.

This site is written and managed by Cathy Jones and contains information about the history and heritage of the Strathfield district.

Cathy is Secretary of the Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society and had served previously as Secretary of the former Strathfield District Historical Society from 2001-2011 and editor of the Society’s newsletter.  She has written numerous articles for newspapers, particularly Strathfield Scene, as well written the publications ‘Redmire’ (2010) and Politicians of Strathfield (2001).

Cathy prepared the Historic Houses of Strathfield exhibition in 2021-2022 and WWI exhibition with Strathfield Council in 2021.

She has conducted numerous walking and bus tours for Strathfield Council, Strathfield District Historical Society, Historic Houses Association, Historic Houses Trust and National Trust.

She organised the historic exhibition to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Strathfield Council and the DVD of Strathfield’s history in 2010.

She was Chair of Strathfield Council’s Heritage Committee from 2001-2004 and former member of the National Trust Historic Houses Committee.

She has been a presenter and speaker on ABC Radio and local radio,  conferences, local schools, other heritage and historical societies and organisations.

Cathy was awarded a NSW Government Heritage Volunteer Award in 2005.

Cathy’s own family history in the Strathfield/Burwood area dates back to 1870, commencing with her great-great grandparent’s family residing in Drover’s Road (now Wentworth Road) Strathfield.

Cathy was awarded Master of Public and Social Policy and is the Executive Manager, Corporate Strategy and Performance for Strathfield Council.