Victorian Housing in Strathfield

Victorian Period in Strathfield c.1860s – c.1890s

by Cathy Jones

"Woodstock" 88-94 Redmyre Road Strathfield. Photograph 2004 taken by Cathy Jones
“Woodstock” 88-94 Redmyre Road Strathfield. Photo Cathy Jones 2004

The Victorian period coincides with the first wave of residential development in Strathfield and roughly covers the reign of Queen Victoria (1839-1901). The Victorian period was characterised by unprecedented affluence, success and economic prosperity, notably wealth generated by agriculture (wool and wheat) and the discovery of gold in Victoria and NSW. Profits generated from land speculation and investment, pastoral interests and manufacturing translated into eclectic architectural styles and interior decoration.

The economic prosperity of early residents of Strathfield enabled construction of substantial homes and gardens, many described as mansions or ‘country-style’ estates. Many Victorian style mansions still exist in Strathfield today, though most are situated on smaller allotments of land due to subdivision of their grounds.

The early 1890s saw the end of the ‘long economic boom’ as conditions of the economic depression set in, which lead to the end of the ‘Victorian’ architectual period.

The Woodward Avenue Heritage Conservation Area, including parts of The Boulevarde and Albyn Road Strathfield, features many examples of Victorian architecture of the late 1880s in Strathfield. There are also excellent examples of in streets such as Redmyre Road Strathfield, Florence Street Strathfield, Meredith Street Homebush, Abbotsford Road Homebush, Homebush Road and Albert Road Strathfield

Articles on the following properties:


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Cathy Jones.  (c) Cathy Jones 2011


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