Arthur Cave

Mayor of Strathfield 1952, 1953 and 1954

Arthur Cave served on Strathfield Council from 1944 to 1955.  He was elected at an ordinary Council election on 2 December 1944.  At the 1950 election, he represented the South Ward (wards were subsequently abolished). He resigned from Council on 6 September 1955, due to ill health and died in 1956.

The Arthur Cave Pavilion in Airey Park Homebush is named for him.

The following tribute was paid to Cave after his death on 3 August 1956 by the then Mayor William Dunlop.

It is my sad and melancholy duty as your Mayor to officially report the death of our dear friend and erstwhile Colleague, Arthur Cave. Arthur Cave was indeed our very true friend, a man whom all of us respected and admired.

He was elected to this Council in December in 1941 and was Mayor of the Municipality in the years 1952, 1953 and 1954.  Failing health induced him to resign from the Council in September, 1955.

He was a Foundation Member of the Rotary Club of Burwood and was an ex-President and was the author of a history of the Club and at his death was Musical Director. A pianist of no mean ability, his playing made the meetings of that Club just a little bit different, a feature frequently commented on.

Those of us who him intimately may count ourselves lucky men for it comes to the lot of few to know who was so inherently good.

His gentle nature and friendliness, his spontaneous smile, his innate honesty and sincerity were attributes he lavished on us.  I have often thought if we were worthy of his love and affection. How often did we see him, badgered by the conflicting views of us, his colleagues, stop and with his gracious smile ask us to wait awhile and think again.

How many times did he smooth ruffled tempers and never lose his own. How often his gentle nature softly chide us. But also, how often did we deeply wound him and yet his love for us remained steadfast.

He was in very truth a pattern for us all, Arthur Cave loved the really good things in life, flowers, good music and the laughter of little children.  He was a fair and indulgent employer lone who zealously guarded the interest of those under him. His charity knew no bounds nor did his love for his fellowman. He was never happier than when helping another.

Arthur Cave was a faithful son of his Church and a regular worshipper but as a true Christian embraced as friends men of all creeds and religions.  He was a loving husband, father, and perhaps was really happiest when with his wife, his children and his grandchildren. That, he always contended was the height of human bliss. And now he has gone from among us but we who remain will keep his memory green.

The now Oval in Airey Park will remain as a living memorial to his energy, his steadfastness of purpose and his work for the young for it was he who sponsored the project, worked for it and eventually saw his proposal blossom and bear fruit to This work in itself was an indication of his courage, resourcefulness and thought. I know I am voicing the opinions of you all when I say that we have lost a good and faithful friend, a true companion. One who died strong in his Christian belief and faithful to the end. A Christian gentleman.