Chain of Ponds Reserve


By Cathy Jones

The Chain of Ponds Reserve is one of the Cooks River foreshore parks in Strathfield located opposite the Cave Road shops.  This land was once the site of the Northcote Golf Course. The Reserve was formerly called Cave Road Reserve.  The pedestrian bridge links the park to Augusta Street but also the Bay to Bay walk and cycle way.  The photograph is estimated to be dated late 1970s or early 1980s.

Recently the park was upgraded with the addition of a new children’s playground.



  1. Surprised at the late 80s date as there there is no sign of the Chinese Elm & Mugga Ironbark which were already large trees when I first saw them in 1995. Otherwise very familiar!


    1. Assume this is mid-late 1980’s, I don’t have any other information about this photo. You could be right, I remember this park looking like this for a long time, with the strange concrete table and chairs and nothing else! It could be early 1980s or even 1970s as the pergola is missing.


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