15 The Causeway Strathfield South

Jesmond 15 The Causeway 1965
Jesmond 15 The Causeway 1965

By Cathy Jones

‘Jesmond’ 15 The Causeway Strathfield South was built c.1920 as a brick interwar style cottage by local builders Goodwin and Wood of Weldon Street Burwood.  Goodwin & Wood built many of the houses in The Causeway and James Street, particularly the weatherboard cottages.  Additions were made to the house in 1955 and in 1959, the garage was added.

‘Jesmond’ was the long term home of the Crocker family from the 1920s to 1990s. The house was first owned by Arthur Crocker, Picture Show Manager and later transferred to his son, Harold.

‘Jesmond’ was formerly 16 The Causeway (as shown in the above photograph) but renumbered 15 The Causeway in 1965.  Most streets in the former Enfield Council were renumbered in the 1950s and many were reverse numbered (eg even to odd or odd to even). This house has been demolished.

The Causeway is located on the original Redmire Estate.  The street appears to have been created by subdivision and was sold as the Redmyre Estate subdivision in c.1881.  It is likely that the street name ‘The Causeway’ is reference to the nearby Cooks River.

Redmyre Estate map c.1881.
Redmyre Estate map c.1881.

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  1. Hi
    The Causeway was the first quarter acre block home of the Begnell family who had setttled originally on Iron Bark Farm in 1839 which was purchased by James Gorman, convict. His first marriage was to my Great Great Grandmother, Isabella Browne, an Irish Bounty Girl. On Gorman’s death in 1850 Isabella married George
    Begnell. The property was sold in 1880, to George Tucker. Part of the purchase settlement included suburban blocks in The Causeway. After The Causeway property was sold, the Begnell Family purchased another block in Eve Street South Strathfield.


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