Lodge Washington H Soul. Photo Cathy Jones 2020

Lodge Washington H.Soul

By Cathy Jones

‘Lodge Washington H. Soul No. 399’, a Masonic Temple, was built in 1922 at 44 Beresford Road Strathfield.  It has since been converted to strata titled units with additional units built behind the grand facade.

The Lodge was built by Washington H. Soul, a prominent Freemason, and is located at the northern boundary of his home ‘Agincourt’ in Albert Road Strathfield, whic is now Jesmond Nursing Home.

The building was approved for construction in September 1921 at the estimated cost of £3737.  The builder was Ernest Ede, Lawson, NSW.  The architectural design is attributed to Harry Chambers Kent, a prominent Sydney based architect and resident of Strathfield.  Kent is the designer of many Strathfield buildings, including ‘Agincourt’, ‘Mount Royal’ and the Strathfield Town Hall. The Lodge was built on Soul’s land, but the completed building and land was donated to the Freemasons and was managed under a management committee.  The value of Soul’s donation was estimated at more than £5000, a considerable sum in 1921-1922.

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