Strathfield answers the call 1914-1918

Strathfield Answers the Call 1914 – 1918 is an exhibition developed by the Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society and Strathfield Council and explores how the people of Strathfield and Homebush participated in the events of WWI on the battlefront and at home.

This exhibition shares the stories from the Strathfield and Homebush district in supporting a war fought far from home.

Learn about the sacrifices of those who fought, the efforts of those at home and the issues that united and divided communities.

Two talks will be held in May 2021.

Talk: From Homebush to Hill 60: the letters and diary of Roy Richards

Saturday 1 May 2021 2pm-3.30pm. Afternoon tea served. Free event.

When Roy Richards of Broughlea, 82 Abbotsford Road, Homebush enlisted in March 1915, he was the first of his family to do so. By the end of the year his three older brothers had also joined up. Roy wrote chatty letters home from Gallipoli and the Western Front and also kept a diary. Come and hear the first-hand account of a Homebush boy’s life on the front line and view the exhibition, Strathfield Answers the call 1914-1918.


Talk: The War at Home: the impact of WWI on the Strathfield district

Saturday 29 May 2021. 2pm-3.30pm. Afternoon Tea served.

Speaker: Cathy Jones, Secretary, Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society.

When Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, Australia as a self-governing dominion of the British Empire also declared itself at war. The decision received popular and enthusiastic support as the majority of the Australian population strongly identified with Britain. However Australia was ill-prepared for the war and called upon its small population to enlist and fight overseas, finance and support the war effort. However, as the war progressed with growing numbers of casualties, the initial enthusiasm for war and volunteer enlistments declined. By 1916, the Australian Government proposed compulsory enlistments or conscription, a proposal that was put to the vote twice dividing communities across the country, including the Strathfield district. 

This talk discusses the War at Home with focus on the local communities of the Strathfield district and the contributions of men and women to the war effort. The talk accompanies the exhibition, Strathfield Answers the Call 1914-1918.

Bookings at

Exhibition information

When: 23 April – 20 June 2021 (during Strathfield Council Library & Innovation Hub opening hours)

Where: Ironbark Gallery – Strathfield Council Library & Innovation Hub

Official Opening: Thursday 22 April, 6.30pm with guest speaker Elise Edmonds, Senior Curator at the State Library of NSW.

The official opening will be held at the Ironbark Gallery; bookings are required an can be made by emailing

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