‘Ingleburn’ Kingsland Rd Strathfield & Alfred Newman

By Cathy Jones

‘Ingleburn’ 13-15 Kingsland Road Strathfield is a Federation Bungalow style house featuring a gabled slate roof.  The house was designed by its owner architect Alfred Gambier Newman and built 1913-1914. Newman was a well known and prolific architect producing a wide array of designs, particularly for the Methodist Church and the Vickery family, which he was related through his father the Rev. Charles Newman, who married Elizabeth Vickery.  In Strathfield, he designed the Strathfield Uniting Church, ‘Tiptree’ and ‘Lauriston’.

Please follow this link for a longer article on Newman’s home ‘Ingleside’.


  1. Cathy
    It is great to see this house in such good shape after the loss of houses by Newman in both Homebush and Burwood in recent decades. The Wikipedia bio on him is a good one with photos and a long list of projects. Do you have a portrait photo of him? Maybe one of your readers will have one. It is sad that he died so young after a relatively short career in architecture in Sydney.

    Alfred Newman (architect) en.wikipedia.org wikipedia.png


    This is a photo of the handsome barrel vaulted ceiling inside the front door of Lauriston which is in excellent condition and is now owned by your alma mater, Santa Del Monte. I inspected the building late last year and It is interesting to note that Santa shares the building with a specialist school for hearing impaired children. After starting school at Wadham my hearing impaired brother Gordon attended Trinity Prep when it was housed in this building before moving on to Llandilo and ultimately to Newington. Over the last 70 years the tuition of hearing impaired children has progressed a good deal. It is ironic, given Gordon’s experience at Lauriston, that is now a leader in this area of teaching. If Strathfield Council still had heritage awards this building should be recognised for its excellent maintenance and the preservation of the original curtilage to The Boulevarde and Margaret Street. If only all independent schools were so respectful of grand old mansions.


    1. Thanks Scott for your comments. I don’t have a photo but will keep looking. The Wikipedia entry is really good, lots of references to his many works especially the churches. I would appreciate some recent photos of Lauriston, it’s hard to enter as it is within school grounds. As an ex-student, don’t have right of entry! Cathy


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