Election leaflets delivered in Strathfield | ElectionLeaflets.org.au

Election pamphlet for the 'Aldermanic Civil Reform Team' for Strathfield Council election 1968

The Open Australia Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing information on Australian government.  This is based on the British organisation ‘My Society’.  Open Australia has developed a website where election leaflets circulating for the State election can be viewed.  Leaflets are scanned by any member of the public and displayed on this site. Anyone can upload leaflets or materials.

Election leaflets are useful historical documents as they often feature the political, social and economic issues of the times as well as provide some biographical information about the candidates and parties.  Unfortunately, most leaflets are not recorded in official archives (probably because they are considered ‘advertisements’) and therefore few survive in the long term.  Often newspaper ads are the only surviving candidate information from election campaigns. 

Link to: Election leaflets delivered in Strathfield | ElectionLeaflets.org.au – this is updated as material is received.

The Open Australia project is also well worth a look.  This site includes information on federal members of parliament and what they are doing in parliament.  It is based on the highly successful British “They Work for You” site. 

Links to speeches and questions is regularly updated.  You can track whenever your local member speaks and register for an email alert whenever your local member speaks.  There is also some biographical information and a copy of their latest register of interests.

Local members for Strathfield district are:

John Murphy (electorate of Reid)

Tony Burke (electorate of Watson) 

Election leaflets delivered in Strathfield | ElectionLeaflets.org.au

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