"Ellesmere' Mackenzie Street Strathfield

Mackenzie St and Shortland Ave Strathfield

The above photographs were taken at the intersection of Shortland Avenue and Mackenzie Street Strathfield.  The date of the black and white photograph is unknown, but likely to be about 100 years old.  At the centre is the house ‘Ellesmere’, which is located at 59 Mackenzie Street (corner Shortland Avenue).  ‘Ellesmere’ was built c.1885 and was built for mother and daughter, Julia Rowe Bellingham and Marianne Sinclair.  The house is designed in Victorian Regency style.   The owners lived in the house until c.1892, where it was leased until 1923, when ownership was transferred to Lars Christoffersen.

Mackenzie Street was formerly known as Coventry Road.  This section was renamed after Thomas Mackenzie, former Alderman [1892-1911], Mayor of Strathfield [1898-1901, 1908-10] and Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly for Canterbury [1901-07].

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