Albert Rd Strathfield c1910

Postcard from Albert Rd Strathfield

This is a postcard of Albert Road Strathfield, which was sent in January 1915.  The postcard was published by F. Guthrey, a newsagent in Strathfield.  However, the card states it was ‘Made in Germany’.

I found this at a postcard fair but don’t have any more information about its origin. For instance, why was a card featuring a Strathfield street be made in Germany? Suggestions anyone?


  1. Wilheim Von der Heyde was born in Germany. He was an alderman of Strathfield Council 1885 – 1891 and was Mayor 1886-1887 and 1889. He was a tobacco merchant who lived in Albert Road “Elwood House” Strathfield. Maybe ? he or one of his relatives had the photo and later had some postcards made in Germany. I know it is a long bow to draw but it might be possible.


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