Call for donations of photos or maps of Strathfield and Homebush

Crocker 1945
My grandmother at St Mary’s Church Concord in 1943

If you are reading this page, you are probably searching for information on the history and heritage of the Strathfield-Homebush district (not forgetting Strathfield South/Enfield, Belfield, Homebush West/Flemington etc) .  I hope you find what you are searching for.

I am constantly updating and amending pages on this site, so if you have any information you want to add or requests for information not on this site, please send them to me at

I have a request of you.  Photos and maps of this district are not easy to find but so useful to understanding the historical development of this area and its communities.   I know many people, particularly students use this site (or so I am told), and for many of them, even events or places from 10 years ago are unknown to them (especially if it no longer exists or has been altered).  So don’t think that only rare or extremely old photos are useful.

I would really appreciate any donations of photos, maps or illustrations.  As you can see I have shamelessly used my family collections but there are limits!

I will always credit the owner (if I know who they are), so if you send me any material, please provide information on the photo (eg date, content etc), and its owner.


Cathy Jones

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