Union Recreation Club - Town and Country Journal Strathfield - 1888

Union Recreation Club of Strathfield

The Union Recreation Club of Redmyre was formed in May 1881 by a number of prominent residents of Burwood, Redmyre (renamed Strathfield in 1886) and Homebush. The early members were affluent and comprised many of the famous and powerful people living in the Strathfield district at the time.    The club was an important meeting place for politicians, merchants, public servants and other professionals.

A public meeting was called for July 8 1881 at Burwood Council Chambers to which residents of Burwood, Ashfield, Concord, Croydon and other neighbouring were invited.

Land was acquired on Lyons Street and extended into Morwick Street Strathfield at the cost of £875. and tennis courts and bowling greens were added and a clubhouse erected.  Croquet lawns were later added. The Club opened in 1882.

The club became famous around the turn of the century as the centre for high-quality competitive social tennis.  The club organised many lawn bowls and tennis matches and the name was changed to the present Strathfield Recreation Club on 28th October 1913.

In 1941, Strathfield Council agreed to relocate the Croquet Lawns to Redmyre Road but this was delayed due to the war effort.  However, in 1946, the Croquet Lawns were built at 50 Redmyre Road Strathfield at the rear of the then Baby Health Centre.

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