Redmyre Road Intersection

by Cathy Jones

Construction of traffic lights at the intersection of The Boulevarde and Redmyre Road Strathfield.  The photo was taken in the 1970s showing the then new Strathfield Post Office, which was the third post office built on this site. The north side of Redmyre Road shows the Redmyre Road Service Station, which had became a Golden Fleece Petrol Station. The petrol station was located on the corner of Orr’s Lane, a small lane behind the shops on The Boulevarde. A few houses can also be seen in the photo. These were replaced in the 1970s by Strathfield Plaza.

This photograph is from the Strathfield-Homebush District Historical Society.

One comment

  1. Our local GP’s surgery was in one of those houses on the right. Don’t recall his name, but a very nice man from memory.


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