‘Oroya’ Private Hospital Strathfield

‘Oroya’ was a private home that was later used as a private hospital.  ‘Oroya’ was located on the south corner of Everton and Wentworth Roads Strathfield. This hospital was later known as Strathfield Private Hospital. This building has since been demolished and the hospital is now located on the other side of the road.


    1. I was born in this place as it was called Strathfield Private Hospital in June 1949. We lived in Auburn


  1. I had my first baby there in October 1953 and my sister Noreen Kilgariff had her first baby there too
    In about 1946 Susan.


      1. Hi everyone, l was born in said hospital on the 11th October 1945 ,lived in Lidcombe till 1960,now in sunny Forster.Cheers Dennis


  2. I was born here on April 7th, 1944. Have a vague memory of mum showing me the house some years later.


  3. The hospital still existed in January 1954, when a close family friend, Mrs Vonda Smith, passed away there.


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