Albert Road aerial c.1922

Albert Road Strathfield

Albert Road Strathfield is one of the longest roads in Strathfield. The road first appears as ‘Albert street’ (located between Homebush Rd to Coventry Rd) in the 1886 Sands Directory.  The road takes its name from Albert [1819-1861], Prince Consort of Queen Victoria.  Another section of Albert Road, located between Homebush Road and The Boulevarde, was formerly known as Clarendon Street.

In the late nineteenth century, Albert Road was considered one of Sydney’s most prestigious streets featuring homes of prominent Sydney figures such as tobaccos merchants George Todman at ‘Milroy’ and Wilheim von der Heyde ‘Elwood House’, shoe manufacturer and partner of David Jones William Newman ‘Chepstowe’, chemist Washington H. Soul at ‘Agincourt’, Sir Samuel Hordern at ‘Tuxedo’ and William Arnott at ‘Arnottholme’.  While some of these properties have been demolished, a large number are still in existence such as ‘Mount Royal’ (Australian Catholic University), ‘Glenfarne’, ‘Osdora’, ‘Tuxedo’ and ‘Corfu’.

The aerial map of Albert Road was taken c.1922.  The photo below contains information on some of the significant landmarks in Albert Road and Homebush Road.

Aerial photo with labels of Albert Road 1922


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