Strathfield Baby Health Centre

The Strathfield Baby Health Centre was located at 52 Redmyre Road Strathfield. The Centre was opened in 1944 and operated until 1988 when the service was relocated to Strathfield Children’s Centre, Fraser St, Homebush West.   The Strathfield Croquet Club was built in 1946 and located at the rear of the Baby Health Centre.

As there were no suitable buildings available to house a Baby Health service, the site in Redmyre Road was acquired for £2750 in 1941 by Strathfield Council.  As this occurred during World War II, the Council required permission of the Department of War Organisation and Industry to build a new building.  After convincing the Department that a new building was necessary and no alternative buildings existed, permission was granted.  The building was designed by architects D T Morrow and Gordon and built by local builder Alex Maston.

In a report dated 14 July 1942, Strathfield Council’s Health Inspector H. Stewart wrote: “Baby Health Centres provide a very useful public service in the preservation of maternal and infant health as the trained services available cope with such phases of human life aspre~natal care and the most tender years of humanity – infanthood. Also it is a service, though not spectacular, that has a beneficial effect upon communal health and produces results to the common good akin to the childhood health measures.of immunisation against diphtheria, the benefits of which can be proved; the service would in my opinion be regarded by the medical profession as ancillary to their work.”

The Centre was opened on Thursday, 16 March 1944 at 3.30 p.m by Mrs Hudson, the Lady Mayoress (wife of the Mayor Colin Hudson), who performed the ceremony.  The Department of Public Health provided the nursing staff.  Sister Wyatt was appointed in 1944 to take charge of the Centre. Council also negotiated for a bus stop to be built outside the Centre to encourage use of public transport to the site.




  1. Love the poppies there in the side garden! Possibly Buxus along the front garden wall? A camellia on the far side? Strange to see it looking oh so new.


  2. I’m sure the Baby Health Centre was still operating in this site when I had my first daughter who was born in July 1997.


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