Crossways Hotel, 2017. Photograph: Cathy Jones

Crossways Hotel, Liverpool Road, Strathfield South

By Cathy Jones, 2017

The Crossways Hotel is located on the corner of Liverpool Road (Hume Highway) and Homebush Road (formerly Jersey Street), Strathfield South. The Crossways was built c.1930.  The hotel was recently renovated and extended.

The site of the Hotel was formerly a grocer operated by E R White’s (of White’s Corner fame).  The site was acquired c.1928 by Mrs Margaret Nicholls, who also owned the Royal Hotel on Liverpool Road, near Cooks River.    The Royal was built c.1870 and was known locally as the ‘Bark Huts Pub’, servicing workers who ran cattle down Josephson’s Rd [later Wallis Avenue] to the Homebush Saleyards and Abbatoirs. The liquor licence was transferred from the Royal Hotel to The Crossways.  The Royal Hotel was decommissioned though was not demolished until the 1950s.


Department of Valuer-General, 1928, Enfield Municipal Council Lists

Sands Sydney Directory, Enfield Municipality, 1930



  1. My dad was driving home from Strathfield as he did every evening in the 1960s/70s & a drunk guy came out of he hotel & stepped on to the road right in front of dads car & got hit by dads car & was killed dead on the spot, my dad had go to the Coroner court but was cleared of any charges as the guy was drunk & did not take care when walking on to the road with traffic on it.


  2. Was the Crossways always known by that name? I don’t recall the name though I walked past it many times.
    I lived as a child in the old Royal hotel by the river (I was born 1946) when the property was Hollibone’s timber mill.
    My father was manager there & the hotel was divided into 3 flats at that time. We later lived in Dean St Enfield.
    I dearly remember the White’s Corner shops, particularly the newsagency & the chemist,
    It’s amazing that I found this page now, simply because the Crossways was listed as an exposure point for Covid 19, & I checked to see its location


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