The Boulevarde 1888 illustration from Australian Town & Country Journal

The Boulevarde Strathfield

The illustration of The Boulevarde, Strathfield is from the June 1884 edition of Australian Town and Country Journal, which featured illustrations of Strathfield, then known as Redmyre.
Redmyre is described as “This pretty suburb is about 7 ½ miles from Sydney to the westward, and some 60 feet above sea level. It is one of the nicest of suburbs, looking so fresh and healthy. There is any amount of green foliage which gives pretty appearance”.

Illustration No.4 is of the “Boulevard” (later known as Redmyre-Boulevard and then The Boulevarde). The Journal stated that ‘The “Boulevard” contains several fine residences. The road is hardly to perfection yet, owing to the traffic; it is tastefully laid out in parts, and planted with trees’.

Reference: Suburban Sydney. —Redmyre. (1884, June 21). Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 – 1907), p. 26 and p. 28

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