'Wawona' 96 Albyn Road Strathfield Photo 1916

‘Wawona’ Albyn Road Strathfield

‘Wawona’ is located at 96 Albyn Road Strathfield. This house was built in 1916 for Percy Arnott, a director of Arnott’s Biscuits. The house is in a bungalow style and was designed by architect Herbert Dennis. Arnott (1889-1950) was also a formidable sportsman, a well-known golfer and a member of the Australian Cricket Team which toured the United States in 1913. He was a member of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and the Prince Alfred Yacht Club. He was captain and president of Concord Golf Club.

This house is one of a number of homes owned by the Arnott’s family, who owned and operated the Arnott’s Biscuits Factory at Homebush.

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