Strathfield Park

By Cathy Jones

Some photographs of Strathfield Park from 1974. The photo showing the road would appear to be Homebush Road.

In the bottom photograph, the wooden playhouse and the farm tractor are visible. This was the children’s playground for Strathfield’s Generation X!

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  1. Wow, it certainly received a radical makeover in the late 80s. I think a couple of those trees (Turpentines) are still present on site.


    1. It’s unlikely they would have removed healthy trees when the park was renovated in the late 1980s. I recall that there was a significant increase in the number of trees at Strathfield Park.


  2. My Great Uncle was s gardener and caretaker for Strathfield Council for many years between 1930-1950. There apparently was a caretakers cottage in the Park confines that he occupied during this time. Unaware if anyone has a photograph?


    1. I know about the cottage but don’t have a photo, except an aerial photo. The cottage was located close to Homebush Road. I’m not sure when it was demolished.


  3. Don’t remember those flower gardens, in fact I don’t think they were even there. Remember making daisy chains out of the yellow and black ones that use to come up in the grass. Played on all the old equipment when young, all the ones that are unsafe for children nowadays. The girl next door had a horse that we used to ride up to the park from Albyn road. Came up the other side of the park, less traffic. My
    Childhood memories, thank you


    1. The park is Strathfield Park and the photo was taken in 1974. I don’t remember the gardens but these were typical gardens in parks in Strathfield of this period. No the old swings wouldn’t meet safety standards today,


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