‘Goongirwarrie’ 55-57 Abbotsford Road Homebush

By Cathy Jones

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‘Goongirwarrie’, a Federation house, 55-57 Abbotsford Road Homebush is located on Section 9 of the ‘Village of Homebush Estate’.  The site is listed as a heritage item and is located in the Abbotsford Road Heritage Conservation Area on the Strathfield Local Environmental Plan.

The house ‘Goongirwarrie’ was built in 1916 for its owner grazier Alfred Stimpson Bayley Cobb at an estimated value of £1200. Cobb was the grandson of pastrolist Barnard Stimpson MLA (1819-1897).  The name of the house ‘Goongirwarrie’ was the family home of Cobb’s wife’s family home in Carcoar.

Ownership of ‘Goongirwarrie’ was transferred in 1930 from Cobb to Amy Gertrude Luscombe, wife of Walter Foster Luscombe, Abbotsford Road Homebush for £2150.  The Luscombe family continued to occupy this house for at least another forty years.


The above photograph is from the Strathfield Council Heritage Study in 1986.

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