Vale Andrew Ho, former Strathfield Councillor

The sad news of former Councillor Andrew Ho’s death has been received.  He was only 44 years.  He served as a Councillor on Strathfield Council from 1995 to 2004.

Andrew stood on the Liberal Party ticket with Laurel O’Toole and Eve Dutton was elected to Strathfield Council in 1995.  During his first term, he chaired a number of Council committees.  He was one of youngest Councillors ever elected to Strathfield Council at age 20.

He stood again in the July 2000 Council election and was elected as an Independent.  He ran at the 2004 and 2008 elections but was unsuccessful.

In recent years he pursued interests in thoroughbred and harness racing.

Andrew recorded an Oral History in 2001 at





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  1. Dear Cathy,
    I like visiting the “Strathfield Heritage” site every few months to find out news of historical interest not for obituaries.

    So, it was unexpected to find that former Strathfield Councillor, Mr Andrew Ho passed away over a year ago due to a massive asthma attack.
    Refs: – subreference “03/01/2020” use CTRL+F on your browser with search term 03/01/2020 to locate reference to Mr Ho’s passing and his love for his wife Ms Lavender. .

    I followed the affairs of Strathfield Council and recall Mr Ho as a candidate for local government elections in the mid-1990s.

    I met Mr Ho in 2003 when he visited St. Ann’s South Strathfield with his wife Ms Megan Lavender. At least I knew that they were an ‘item’ then. I also recall Ms Lavender as a student involved in ‘student politics’ at Macquarie in the 1990s and in the Liberal Party in which Mr Ho (ex UTS) was also a member. Thus it would not surprise me that they were an item much earlier than 2003 through student politics.

    Mr Ho was involved in the harness racing industry and made frequent representations for the harness racing industry in the news . In Mr Ho’s honour there is the “VALE ANDREW HO” race held at at the Bankstown Paceway,
    ref: .

    By saying the above, does not mean that I agree or disagree explicitly or tacitly with his politics. The passing away of a former politician or councillor is beyond politics.

    My belated sympathies are to his wife Megan and Mr Ho’s family.

    Thank you,

    Anthony of Belfield


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