War memorial Marion Street Strathfield

ANZAC Day 2020

ANZAC Day is held on 25 April, which is this Saturday.  Due to COVID-19 crisis, services have been cancelled.

ANZAC Day 2020 will be very different to ANZAC Days of previous years. While we will not be gathering at services or marches, there are still ways to acknowledge ANZAC Day and ensure Australian servicemen and women are appropriately remembered.

The NSW RSL have prepared a guide to alternatives.

The photo above is Marion Street Strathfield following WWII.

One comment

  1. The above picture, “Marion Street, Strathfield, following WWII”, shows a Boys’ Brigade company, formed up outside what could be the local church to which it was attached. This could have been part of a church parade (focused around a church service) or perhaps an ANZAC Day or Rememberance Day march,

    The older man in the colour-party (on the viewer’s left) is certainly an officer; another officer in the small band in single file behind the colour-party is identifiable by his taller height and glengarry (hat). That the banner is the company’s colours is indicated by the Boys’ Brgiage anchor finial at the top of the pole. Behind the small band unit (the only discernable instrument being a snare drum) is a single file of Boys from Number 2 Section (high-school age, 12-18 years), followed by two files of Boys from Number 1 Section (primary-school age, 8-11 years).

    Possibly due to war-time shortages or limited family resources, some members of the company have simply added a field service cap, haversack, and belt to their civilian clothes. The older man in the colour-party should have either a glengarry or a Warrant Officer’s field service cap, but he appears to be wearing a Number 2 Section Boy’s field service cap, with white piping (this might be the correct uniform hat for a Warrant Officer if it pre-dates the development of a separate style of hat for Warrant Officers).

    The two girls on the left, watching by the white post rail fence for a better view, might be sisters of a boy or boys in the company.

    Judging by a comparison with photographs on Google Maps, the similarities of the church building, tree position, and the house in the background with stubby chimney at right and flat-roofed dormer window with Google’s photos from June 2019, the location would appear to be outside the Presbyterian Church on the corner of Barker Road and Marion Street, Strathfield.


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