Nicholls Buildings, Liverpool Rd Strathfield South


On the top of the facade of these shops on Liverpool Road Strathfield South, next to the Crossways Hotel, is the sign Nicholls Buildings, under the new redundant John Finn Discounts.  While probably not a major point of historic interest, if you look up and read the sign, you may wonder who was Nicholls?  It is likely Nicholls was Mrs Margaret Nicholls.

Nicholls purchased the land on Liverpool Road in the late 1920s and after acquiring the transfer of the licence from the old Royal hotel, which had been decommissioned but still standing.  The old Royal Hotel was located near the Cooks River on Liverpool Road.  Nicholls built the Crossways Hotel in 1930 and likely was responsible for the construction of these shops next to the hotel, hence the ‘Nicholls Building’.

As for John Finn??



  1. John Finn, “The Discount King” had a retail electrical outlet in the Strathfield Town Centre along the Boulevarde.


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