Belfield History

The suburb of Belfield is located in the Strathfield and City of Canterbury-Bankstown areas. The small portion in Strathfield measures 52 hectares. It is located on south of the Cooks River and Coxs Creek and is primarily residential with large amounts of parks, sportsfields and open space. Information on the history of the Belfield area is available here.

There is a proposal to the Geographical Names Board of NSW to rename this section of the Belfield suburb to Strathfield South. The details are available here.

Submissions will be accepted until 4 September 2021.

One comment

  1. Dear Cathy,
    In recent months (of 2021), the ABC has been displaying a geographic location as well as the Indigenous name of the city of broadcast as well as in news stories.
    It prompted my curiosity about the Indigenous inhabitants of Belfield in both the Strathfield and Canterbury LGAs.
    Checking the respective LGAs’ websites, would Belfield have been inhabited by both the Wangal and Darug peoples of the Eora Nation or was it the excluve areaof only one?
    But which one?
    Thank you,
    Anthony of exciting Belfield


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