'Radstoke' The Boulevarde Strathfield. Photo 1937 by Monte Luke at the wedding of Noppy Wilkinson and Dr Rex Money. Photo provided by Angela Raymond.

‘Radstoke’ & ’Audley’ – who’s the architect?

It has been noticed by a number of regular readers of the similarities in architectural style between the houses ‘Radstoke’ (2 Malvern Crescent, formerly The Boulevarde, Strathfield) and ‘Audley’ 16 Jersey Road Strathfield. It is likely they are both designed by the same architect but information has been difficult to obtain. Style similarities include similar planter boxes on the first floor of each house as well as similar scale and materials used in both houses.  

If anyone has any additional information or photographs of either house or architects, please contact strathfieldhistory@gmail or leave comments on the page.

About ‘Radstoke’   

‘Radstoke’ was built in 1920 for Dr Walter Burfitt and is a large interwar house featuring influences of the Arts and Crafts style in use of roughcast render, slate roofing and leadlight windows. From 1923-1933, it was the home of Arthur Clifton Wilkinson, Manager of the Australian Woollen Mills.  Subsequent subdivisions reduced the house’s surrounding land and changed its address to Malvern Crescent.

About ‘Audley’

‘Audley’ is located in Jersey Road Strathfield.  It is located in the Burwood Council Local Government Area.  According to research by Burwood Council’s Local Studies Advisor Kesia Malicka, this house was  built in 1922 by Preston and Isabel Gowing (of Gowing Bros Department Store).  The Gowing’s named the house ‘Audley’ and lived there with their children including son James Preston Gowing.  He later married Mollie Wiesener, daughter of Dr and Mrs F. Abbey Wiesener of Jersey Road Strathfield and the couple lived in the ‘Audley’ house.  In 1932, the house was sold to Frank Maxwell.  The house was subsequently sub-divided into flats. 

'Audley' more recent photo

‘Audley’ 16 Jersey Road Strathfield.


  1. Cathy
    I also believe that Audley and Radstoke were designed by the same architect. I have over the years researched the possibility that they were from the architectural offices of Thomas Pollard Sampson or Carlyle Greenwell who both worked in Strathfield in the 1920s. Stylistically the interiors of both houses have similarities to the work of those designers. More recently I’ve come to believe that Audley and Radstoke were designed by Ted Orchard or Charles Bohringer. Orchard isn’t known to have worked in Strathfield or Burwood but Bohringer is. He in fact lived in Llandilo Avenue, Strathfield. Hopefully a member of the extended Gowing, Wiesener or Wilkinson families will one day find the plans for these splendid 1920s homes. While both houses are now on substantially reduced cartilages they have recently been renovated. Audley is now a block of serviced apartments but the current owner of Radstoke should be congratulated on the magnificent Smith & Tzannes renovation of that house. The removal of the 1960s carport on the eastern side of the house and it’s replacement with a portico where the original porte cochère was has done a lot to restore some grandeur to this fine home. The under grounding of cars on the site and the splendid new rear wing has made it was of Strathfield’s finest home again.


    1. Bohringer was the architect of the Homebush Theatre (Homebush Vogue), but wasn’t a resident of the Strathfield area until the 1940’s. Hopefully this post may attract more comments. Cathy.


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