‘Claverton’ 99 Burlington Road Homebush. Photo Cathy Jones 2007

‘Claverton’ 99 Burlington Road Homebush

In response to a request for a house located at 99 Burlington Rd Homebush, on the corner of Bridge Road. The house is called ‘Claverton’ and is a single storey dark brick interwar style bungalow. The house was built in 1924 by its first owner Robert Lightfoot, a builder.  Lightfoot (1862-1935) was a prolific builder and was based in the Sydney suburb of Auburn for much of his career.  He was a member of the first Auburn Council, serving for nearly forty years as an Alderman and elected as Mayor in 1918 and 1919.  Lightfoot built ‘scores of cottages’ in the district and built the Auburn Methodist Church, St Philip’s Church of England the first portion of the Auburn District Hospital.  

After his death in 1935, the house was owned by his son Ross Lightfoot, an architect until 1952.  Click here for a more detailed history.


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  1. Cathy
    My great-aunt Rene Weir (née Joyce-Brandon) lived at 99 Burlington Road from her 1929 marriage, at St John’s Anglican Church in Darlinghurst, to Harry Weir until the couple bought a house in Eastwood. Their sons both started school at Homebush Public School in Rochester Street. Harry Weir was one of three sons born to Alice Ada (née Evans) and George Weir. He grew up at 39 Henley Road Flemington (now Homebush West) with his parents and brothers. His elder brother George Weir Jnr became a lawyer, barrister, politician and judge and younger brother Franklin became an accountant. Harry Weir became an electrical engineer. Their family home was an Edwardian-era weatherboard single storey house on a very deep block. It has since been replaced by a three storey block of units. George Weir Snr was blind and in the age of telegrams he was a telegraphist which was one of the only careers available to a sight-impaired man at that time. It is interesting to read the history of “Claverton” which is a well preserved home in the fast deteriorating block of Burlington Road. William Hardy Wilson was the leading Georgian-Revival architect in Australia in the 1920s. I doubt that Robert Lightfoot employed an architect for the house that he built but he was clearly influenced by Hardy Wilson. Hardy Wilson grew up at “Lanthus” 3 Emu Street, Burwood. That Victorian-era Italianate style home still stands but after subdivision is now located at 25A Wonga Street, Strathfield, in the Municipality of Burwood. In recent years “Claverton” has been re-faced and re-tiled giving this almost century-old home new life. How sad other home owners in the municipality of Strathfield haven’t shown the same restraint in their rush to create overblown McMansions!
    Scott Brandon Smith


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