St Anne’s Anglican Church Strathfield

St Anne's Anglican Church, Strathfield (2004).  Photo: Cathy Jones
St Anne’s Anglican Church, Strathfield (2004). Photo: Cathy Jones

by Cathy Jones

Moves to establish an Anglican Church in Strathfield commenced in October 1884 at a meeting in the home of Mr Edward Deas-Thompson who lived at ‘Riccaroon’ Redmyre Road, a house which is now part of Meriden School. He was the son of the former Colonial Secretary and Chairman of the Australian Jockey Club, Sir Edward Deas-Thomson, and of a daughter of Governor Burke. Plans advanced quickly and on 3 May 1885, a small weatherboard Church was built on the corner of Vernon and Brunswick Streets. The district was formed into a parish and the Rev. Herbert Rose was inducted as Rector in December 1885. By 1889, the first Rectory was built and the Church in Vernon St enlarged and beautified.

However, as the population grew, larger premises were required. The present Church site, on the corner of Beresford and Homebush Roads, was acquired in 1892 with funds used from the sale of the Church premises in Vernon St. The new Church was designed by the architectural firm of Sulman & Power and built by John Robson. John Sulman [1849-1934], who was once a resident of Strathfield, also designed the Strathfield Council Chambers in 1887. Sulman entered into partnership with Joseph Porter Power from 1889 to 1908, with other work including The Armidale School [1889], Women’s College University of Sydney [1890-94] and the Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital at Concord. Sulman & Power also designed St Columba’s, corner of Hornsey Rd and Exeter St, Homebush West.

St Anne’s is an English style Church. The Church features dichromatic brickwork and a steeped pitched slate roof. Characteristics of the Church’s design include pointed arch windows, circular windows, clock tower and stone tracery. A lychgate at the corner of Beresford and Homebush Road is another feature, which is rare in Strathfield, but typical in many English Churches.

The foundation Stone of St Anne’s Church was laid by the Governor of New South Wales, the Earl of Jersey on 25th August 1892 with the first portion of the Church completed and dedicated in 1893. Funding for the construction of the church was through fundraising efforts of St Anne’s parishioners and by 1902, the nave was completed and organ installed. Under the direction of Sulman and Power, the Chancel was added in 1914 and dedicated by the Most. Rev. John Charles Wright, Archbishop of Sydney on 21st December 1914. The Parish Hall [which was enlarged and extended in 1952] was also and Church school were added in this period.

In 1922, plans for the current bungalow styled rectory on Homebush Road costing £2500 were approved by Strathfield Council. The builder was Ernest Dawes of Homebush. To pay for the new rectory, the former Rectory in Vernon St was sold.

St Anne’s is one of the most beautiful Churches in Strathfield and its interiors feature furnishings and items, dedicated by the Church’s parishioners over the last century. Examples include the Altar and five stained glass windows, including the west window in which the Annunciation and the Presentation in the Temple are depicted. These were donated by Mr Alfred Houston c. 1892-3. Other attributes include Altar hangings, vestry furniture, lectern, prayer desk and War memorials.

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Information on the organ at St Anne’s Anglican Church


  1. hello , after seeing your web site i thought i would write to tell you that my parents were married at st. annes on april the 25th 1945 or 44 i think it was 45. also my brother was baptised at st.annes. my parents names were norma joyce gale and john joseph bourke duggan. my brother anthony duggan was involved in the cubs at the church. ive got a feeling mum was confirmed here also. just a bit of trivia. its a magnificent church. now things are coming back, my uncle peter mayes was a verger in the middle fifties. after my mum passed i found a prayer book in her things that was stamped st.annes, im pretty sure all my mothers family attended st.annes. i have kept the prayer book. its very old. just a little history on st.annes, as i live in adelaide its a bit hard to visit if i come to nsw i will come and see the church, i have a very old photo of the church inside that belonged to my mum, iam sure you often get people visiting you with old stories like mine.
    nice talking to you


    1. I just came across this web site. My grandfather was the rector at St Anne’s in 1945 so he probably was the minister that married your parents. My mother was also married the in St Anne’s in September 1945.


  2. My family has a long association with St Anne’s. My great-grandmother, Martha Andrews, was a cleaner at the church after it first opened in 1893, and my grandfather, Ernest Andrews, was an alter/choir boy in the early 1900-1910s. He was married there in 1922, and his only child, a girl (my Mother) was christened there. My parents were married there in 1944, and their 4 children were all christened there between 1945 and 1962. I was married there in 1988 and my first 2 children were christened there. And finally, my mother’s funeral service was held there.
    St Anne’s has a very special place in my heart.


  3. My great grandparents were foundation members. my grandparents were Edward & Annie Wood married by Rev Herbert John Rose in 1912. my parents were married in 1940 by Rev Nesbit .My brother and I were christened in 1943and1946


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