‘Radstoke’ Malvern Crescent Strathfield

by Cathy Jones

‘Radstoke’ is located at 2 Malvern Crescent Strathfield, partially located on the land on which the home of stockbroker Thomas James Thompson (1830-1917) ‘Malvern’ once stood.  ‘Malvern’ was built c.1870 and stood until c.1919, when it was demolished.

Dr Walter Burfitt applied for building approval to build a new house on this site.  The house ‘Radstoke’ was built in 1920.  In 1923, the house was sold to Arthur Wilkinson, who commenced subdividing the grounds of the house.  In 1951, another subdivision occurred which created the street Malvern Crescent and changed the frontage of ‘Radstoke’ to 2 Malvern Crescent.

Please click here for a more detailed history of ‘Radstoke’     


  1. I live in Tompson Road Panania, back in 1957 the spelling was Thompson Road, (over the years the Council changed the spelling twice, From Thompson to Thomson & later to Tompson). I did write to the Council some time ago to ask why the spelling changes. I never received a reply. Would that have any relation to the same Mr. Thompson from Strathfield. Just curious.


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