The Causeway, Strathfield South

The Causeway Strathfield South c.1960's
The Causeway Strathfield South c.1960s.

In response to inquiries about the history of The Causeway Strathfield South.

The Causeway is located on the original Redmire Estate.  The street appears to have been created in a c.1881 subdivision of smaller lots of the Redmire Estate.

Though it could be argued that the name ‘The Causeway’ is uninspiring, it is likely a reference to the nearby Cooks River.

A tip for anyone attempting to trace histories of houses in this street, the street was renumbered in 1965 in order to conform with Strathfield Council’s street numbering standards.  Any even numbered house became odd numbered and vice versa.



  1. My Great Grandfather inherited land in The Causeway from his mother’s estate in 1883. He built a 4 room house which he later sold to purchase a block in Eve St. South Strathfield. The Pettit ,Bond and Begnell families who lived in this part of Enfield or Druitt Town as this area was orginally named are the subject of a book I am currently writing. Anyone knowing anything about these families please leave a comment , or email me directly at
    Joe Begnell


  2. HI ,
    I am curious if their would happen to be any information on dean street south strathfield or Frances Av as the houses range in different styles or if their is any old photos.
    Thank you


    1. What information are you looking for? From memory, Frances Street was a newer subdivision and lot sizes are smaller. Dean Street is one of the oldest streets and has a mixed residential and industrial history.


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