Strathfield Rail Station

The Strathfield Rail Station was redeveloped in 1927 as a full scale suburban station, catering for local as well as regional traffic, rather than just a rural stop.   The redevelopment of the station increased the number of train platforms from 4 to 6 and the overhead walkways (featured in the photograph), a feature of many inner city stations, were demolished and replaced by underground ramps.

The station reconstruction, complete with a subway and access ramps to the platforms was also associated with the electrification of the Sydney Rail network which began in 1924.



  1. Our forefathers had far more foresight and planning capabilities. Thanks bad we don’t seem to be able to learn from their foresight!


  2. Richard K Butcher ( The Eveleigh Rail Workshops man/author historian.ATP Head Tour Guide. says:

    When bods used trains so much, to see a friend off, you required a Platform Ticket, they sold 1950’s, 25,000 tickets p.a. Such was the importance of our Strathfield station, and rail travel.


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