Coronation Arch Strathfield South 1936. Photo appeared in the Enfield Municipal Council Annual Report 1936.

Coronation Arch, Strathfield South

The Coronation Arch is situated as the gateway to Coronation Reserve, facing Plymouth Street Strathfield South and adjacent to Coronation Parade.  The Arch is located behind the former Enfield Council Chambers and Town Hall which slighly obscures the Arch when viewing from Liverpool Road.

The Arch was one of a number of Council schemes during the Great Depression of the 1930s to provide employment for local workers.  The Arch was originally intended to be dedicated to the reigning monarch.  Originally King George V and then Edward VIII.  However, the first died in January 1936 and the latter abdicated in December 1936.  The Arch was finally dedicated to King George VI (the current Queen’s father), who was coronated in 1937.

In recognition of the occasion, the Arch, Reserve and Road were all renamed with word ‘Coronation’ in their title.

The photograph is from the Enfield Council Annual Report 1936.


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  1. Amazing photo! Interesting to see the linear pathway in the centre & the formal planting on either side.


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