St Ann's Church 1936

St Ann’s Catholic Church Strathfield South

The photo above is of Historic St Ann’s Catholic Church Strathfield South in 1936.

Historic St Ann’s Catholic Church is the original church built between 1859-1864 and located in St Anne’s Square,  the centre of the Village of St Anne’s in Strathfield South.

St Ann’s has a fascinating history and was the final church built by Archpriest Father John Joseph Therry.  The article on St Ann’s history is undergoing review but hopefully will be completed shortly.

Did you know all the streets in the Village of St Ann’s were named for prominent Catholic ecclesiastics of the time?

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  1. When we moved from living in the old Royal hotel near the Cooks River we took up residence in a house built by my father in Dean St Enfield- no landline, (1960 from memory-without consulting the photo albums) .For a long while we had a weekly outing in the evening, via St Anne’s Square, to the public phone located on the highway, to catch up with family & friends. Thank goodness the traffic was much less than now or Mum wouldn’t have been able to hear the conversations!


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